Cyber Resiliency

Our experts can leverage their experience & expertise to help you improve your cyber security resilience. We can help you prepare for, detect and respond to cyber security incidents by delivering cutting-edge security assessments, improving your security monitoring capability and performing digital forensics investigations.

Your objectives Incidents in the news make you worried about your cyber security posture. In this fast-moving cyber security market, you want to make sure you are on top of your game and ready to face today's security challenges!

Our Delivery Model Although we are happy to help you with any cyber security problems or concerns, we have defined a standard set of services:

  1. Prepare for incidents - Security Assessments & Penetration Testing Prevention is a key aspect of cyber security: We can help you assess different parts of your IT environment for security vulnerabilities. We have experience reviewing entire network infrastructures for large organizations, but can also assess the security of new mobile (iOS and Android) or web applications. Our experts are industry leaders that demonstrate their expertise by presenting at conferences such as BlackHat & BruCON and teaching courses for the SANS Institute.
  2. Detect incidents – Security Monitoring In order to properly handle security incidents once they occur, it is vital that they are timely detected. We have helped several large institutions set up a security monitoring capability and would be happy to leverage this experience to help improve your detection capability. This could range from optimizing your SIEM solution to deploying an entire IDS/IPS infrastructure.
  3. Respond to incidents - Incident Response & forensics We can help you manage and contain security incidents and coordinate response activities, so you can focus on your core business activities. Our support can be delivered at an organizational level, but we can also deep dive in the technical side of the incident, thereby leveraging our digital forensics and malware analysis expertise. As a small demonstration of our expertise, feel free to give our online Android malware scanner NVISO ApkScan a try.

The NVISO Difference Within NVISO, new technologies and trends are actively being monitored and researched to ensure our technical skills are top of the line. We also focus extensively on your business while helping you improve your security posture, to ensure our advice is actionable and tailored to your specific context.


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