NVISO was founded by a group of security professionals working in the Cyber Security industry. Each security professional has a specific field of expertise, ranging from security research and risk management to incident response and security testing. This unique "skill blend" allows them to analyse and respond to complex client challenges and help those companies prevent, detect and respond to security challenges with a positive business outcome.

Our differentiators

Quality service at fair rates

  • We firmly believe in employee motivation as the basis for quality.
  • We have a quality program where client satisfaction is key.
  • We strive to exceed on our promises and charge fairly for it.

Knowledge Building & Sharing

  • Our people are instructors in leading institutes.
  • We actively invest in research to be on top of the market.
  • We share our knowledge and support open source initiatives.

Deep & Focused Expertise

  • Our industry focus enables us to respond to your relevant challenges.
  • We leverage our expert knowledge and experience to quickly assist you.
  • We use our technical know-how to address your business needs.

Agile but scalable

  • We are flexible and willing to respond promptly to your needs.
  • Our trusted network of selected European partners allows us to complement our skills when required.

Independent Advisors

Meet our advisors

At NVISO, we understand the importance of being counselled and coached by people with more experience than ourselves in certain aspects of the business.

Therefore, we have appointed a number of exceptional independent advisors, whose skills are complementary to our own. More information including a short bio of our independent advisors can be found here.


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