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Our research activities The security space is changing at immense speed. Threats are becoming very tangible and have an immediate impact on our client’s business. Think about banking trojans, activist hackings, corporate infiltrations and so on.

To tackle the above challenges, a security company needs to be on top of things. NVISO achieves this both by investing actively in research and development and by focusing on a number of areas of expertise only. Our current research areas are Digital Forensics, Mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) Security. However, we are always open for suggestions from our clients or from the community.

The goals of our research and development labs are to allow our people to increase their skills and knowledge, to come up with innovative service offerings, to contribute to the security community and to give valuable insights to our clients.

Current research topics and blog We are currently working on an online service called ApkScan, providing automated malware analysis for Android packages. The beta version of ApkScan was recently released and can be found at We will release part of the source code under a GPL license - keep posted!

Additionally, NVISO is also the proud organizer of the Cyber Security Challenge Belgium. This country-wide cyber-security competition is freely accessible to all students that are about to complete their studies: universities and colleges from all over Belgium officially support the Challenge. Through their participation, students gain a chance to prove themselves as the next generation of cyber-attack defenders and seize the wealth of opportunities a specialization or career in cyber security can offer.

You can read more about our research activities on our research blog.


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