Independent Advisors

At NVISO, we understand the importance of being counselled and coached by people with more experience than ourselves in certain aspects of the business. Therefore, we have appointed a number of exceptional independent advisors, whose skills are complementary to our own.

The objective of independent advice is to provide counsel during our quarterly board meetings as well as at critical decision times for our business. Topics on which they are consulted range from strategic matters to how to structure our operations, how to penetrate a certain industry sector, our people proposition and so on. A short bio of our independent advisors can be found below.

Patrick Rogiers Patrick currently holds the position of Managing Director at 3M Benelux. Patrick, originally an Industrial Chemist, has acquired more than 20 years of experience in technical commercial, marketing and managerial functions. He also has international management experience as Managing Director for 3M South Africa and the Sub Sahara region and as member of the AMCHAM board. Patrick holds a Master Black Belt in "Design for Six Sigma" and an MBA from Vlerick Management School.

Peter Oyserman Peter is one of the founding Partners of Delaware Consulting, established in 2004. Delaware Consulting became independent from Deloitte Belgium as a result of new regulations on audit companies.

Tomas Boeckx Tomas Boeckx currently holds the position of European Brand Lead Copaxone® at Teva Pharmaceuticals Europe. Tomas holds a bachelor in communication management and a master in Economics and has a broad pharmaceutical sales and marketing experience in a variety of therapeutic domains. His specialties are: marketing planning & strategic management of bio-pharmaceutical therapies, P&L and Balance Sheet Management and people management. Tomas holds an MBA from Vlerick Business School.

Independent Advisors

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